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What Makes Free Bible Apps Very Popular These Days?


There are several Bible apps that you may have known through the internet. Regardless of what specific Bible app you are going to use, all of the share some common benefits that everybody can enjoy. Let us a look at them and gain an understanding how technology has greatly changed our experience in daily Bible reading.


- First, you can connect with your Christian friends. This would mean that you can search and add friends, like their highlights, write comments or share your insights. You can even see the verses and devotionals they have completed. This allows for a great online discussions with them.


- Another is that you can create images for the verses. Some people like to see images that texts alone. Including an image makes it more interesting for the visual people. Some apps at http://www.ibuildapp.com/catholic-charities-chicago-dc-nyc-dallas-houston/ give you a lot of background pictures, font style and color options. This is an incredible feature that you can take advantage of. After choosing a background and placing on your favorite verse, you can share them on social media. People are more interested with verse images which makes sharing God's good news easier.


- Finding the verse is never this fast! Do you know the feeling of conducting your own Bible study and it's taking you long to find the verse? This will no longer be the same case when you make use of Bible apps. It just takes few taps and then you can find the verse.


- Font settings can be changed. When you're studying with your mom who can view smaller text, you can easily change it using the app. They may also include different font style options.


- The low light is not a problem when reading. The verses are written in white on black background. This makes it easier for you to read the Bible on the bed without having to harm your eyes.


- Most of these apps offer plans for you. They have specific topics you can select to study and there are ready verses that relate to the topic. These can take three days or even a year. You can take a study after another.


- Finally, most of the Bible apps don't require an amount from you. You can use the apps for free! You can enjoy all of these features without spending a penny.


These are the different things that you can experience when you choose to use A free Bible on your phone appstoday!